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A dark, riveting literary debut about cults, transgression and female rage, for fans of YELLOWJACKETS, Emma Cline’s THE GIRLS and Lara Williams’ SUPPER CLUB

32-year-old Iris is adrift: newly single, living at home with her mother and working a dead-end job. Her life changes when she meets the mysterious and beguiling Hazel, who lives at a women’s commune on a remote farm hidden in the Kent Downs. At the farm, the women can be loud and dirty, live and eat abundantly, under the leadership of the gargantuan Blythe.

Drawn to Hazel and the possibility of a new start away from a world of men who have only let her down, Iris throws herself into this alternative way of life, seizing on new experiences and hidden desires. But even among the women, she witnesses power struggles, cruelty and transgressions that threaten their precarious existence. When a group of men arrive on the farm, the commune’s existence is thrown into question, culminating in an act of devastating violence.


‘A simmering debut, heady with the possibilities of language and the righteousness of female rage’
Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of The Mercies

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A powerful, angry, dark and compelling feminist debut novel. It pulls you in to the visceral world of the women in the commune and it shocks and moves you. Beautifully written
Georgina Moore, author of 'The Garnett Girls'
A simmering debut, heady with the possibilities of language and the righteousness of female rage
Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of 'The Mercies'
A modern-day Dionysian cult of women in the woods - haunting, exhilarating and full of female rage
Jennifer Saint, author of 'Ariadne'
Emma Cline's The Girls meets Lord of the Flies, Spoilt Creatures is compelling, cultish and utterly feral. I'm drinking the Amy Twigg Kool-Aid, and it tastes like blood and rotten summer berries. A firecracker of a debut!"
Alice Slater, author of 'Death of a Bookseller'
An intimate and intense tale of how a safe haven can become a dangerous place, told with much insight and humanity
Ewan Morrison, author of 'Nina X'
Earthy and visceral, Spoilt Creatures is a depiction of female physicality unlike any I've read before
Ben Tufnell, author of 'The North Shore'
Lush and dreamlike - a sweltering novel, where the sunlight pulses with nightmarish dread
Colin Walsh, author of 'Kala'
This is a book that sinks its claws in and doesn't let go. Filled with atmosphere and incredible prose, it's compulsive reading right up until its terrible, inevitable end
Jennie Godfrey, author of 'The List of Suspicious Things'
A gripping, beautifully imagined reflection on women and anger - I couldn't put it down
Emily Howes, author of 'The Painter's Daughters'
This lusciously verdant novel is about female identity and obsession, desire and autonomy. It asks important questions about what we owe, and to who. It is rich in grit and dirt, in sensuality and oblivion, working towards a complicated and devastating end
Lara Williams, author of Supper Club
Spoilt Creatures is a poignant exploration of loss, female anger, and just how far we can each be pushed. The book is sensual and sinister and achingly sad. A chilling cautionary tale, it's perfect for fans of The Girls by Emma Cline
Flora Carr, author of The Tower
A sun-drenched, blood-soaked fever dream of a novel. Amy Twigg's prose is as exact as her setting and characters are wild, and she unflinchingly portrays female rage in its full, terrible glory
Erin Kelly, author of The Skeleton Key
An extremely accomplished debut
Good Housekeeping
Amy Twigg's striking debut offers a new twist on the cult narrative... Twigg writes perceptively about loneliness and disconnection and the appeal of a haven from "the malfunctioning world of indecision and patriarchy"
A fascinating blend of human vulnerability and grimy delights
Camilla Grudova, Telegraph
With rising tension, this is a really strong debut and if, like me, you are fascinated with cults, you will devour it
Prima Magazine
For fans of The Girls
The most talked-about debut of 2024. It's the perfect find for fans of Sophie Mackintosh and Julia Armfield
A firecracker of a debut... expect power struggles and female rage
If there's one debut you read this year, make sure it is Spoilt Creatures. A story that is dripping in satire, female rage and cultish obsession, this is a read in one sitting kind of book... There is such a surreal, dreamlike quality to the prose, which is rich with atmosphere and fierce with its brute power. Twigg is here to stay
This rivetingly dark debut stands out among a new generation of novelists working under the spell of the 20th-century horror writer Shirley Jackson, whose chilling tales portray the violent urges simmering beneath civilised norms... Twigg's sinister portrait of brain-washing unspools in the manner of a true-crime testimony, narrated with masterful control and teasing us with hints of the devastatingly brutal climax to come, as the novel's doomy cadences generate maximal dread
Daily Mail
Amy Twigg's debut - about an all-female commune where things get sinister - is gripping
Fabulous Magazine
Twigg's storytelling is both captivating and unsettling, drawing readers into the complex emotional landscapes of her characters. The narrative unfolds slowly under the oppressive summer sun, building to a gripping climax